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We offer PaaS/IaaS, specially tailored for your business. If your company offers IT services, get in touch with us to become our Partner and get all benefits like free resources, free sandbox, discounts, free presale services, free trial period for your every project, our billing system to manage all your customers and much more. As we are Estonian company, we keep the same regulation laws in EU like GDPR compliance.

For working with our partners for many years we focus on its core business thus our cloud platform Cloudsy is designed and developed in the best way for our partners (our customers who keeps their clients’ IT infrastructure at our platform). We offer the best terms for our Partners to deliver high-quality services with high-margin for them.


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I have successfully tested the platform. When I got used to the interface, everything went without any problems, and I would say that it is intuitive enough for a user with adequate prior knowledge. I noticed a delay of a couple of minutes until the settings are applied, which I don’t see as a problem. Advantages of the platform (compared to the competition): – great flexibility in allocating VM resources – the possibility of setting access from outside on the platform itself (public IP and NAT) without contacting customer support – favorable prices.




Why Cloudsy? We handle all our customers in one window, Cloudsy offers scalable infrastructure and high-level presale service, it provides transparency and stability pricing. Cloudsy partner program gives us a lot benefits. We use WL-model so without any investments we sell cloud services by our own brand.

Annika Koiv



We started working with Cloudsy 6 months ago. Since this is a new provider in our region, we were doubtful at the beginning. But, it turned out, everything was intuitive and very prompt technical support, which quickly answered our questions. Now we are glad that we have started placing our clients with them. Everything works quickly and conveniently: you can create virtual machines, select an OS, fully manage the VM, use backup and restore or snapshots. There is also an API, and it is very convenient to manage resources programmatically. We are glad to cooperate with you.

Andrus Kaasik



We have been working with Cloudsy for more than 1 year. We like Cloudsy offerings, pricing, reliability and customer support. Cloudsy platform allows to keep under control customers and their budget. It gives us high-satisfied our customers as we are always in their budget limits. Overall, Cloudsy has been a reliable and beneficial partner for our company!